How license works

I. Do I have to enter keys for all exchanges?

No, you can enter only public/private keys for those exchanges, on which you want to use jtrBot.

If you create exchange account, you can enter public and private keys for each exchange later.

Please, double-check each public key you enter into jtrBot, because it will be paired with your account. If you entered wrong public API key by accident, you cannot change it later.

If you entered wrong public API key or you lost your public API key, contact support.

II. What email will i put into “Email” field ? I purchased jtrBot before 01/2018 and I don’t have any email paired with my jtrBot.

TL;DR: Put your Bittrex Public API key into “Email” field.

Please enter your public bittrex key into “Email” field. This is because emails were not collected during purchase procedure before 01/2018. Enter Same public bittrex key into “Public API key” in bittrex section of settings screen.

Your settings dialog will look like this – please note that public API key for bittrex is entered twice: in email field and in public API key in bittrex section.

If you have purchased jtrBot via webpage, things are getting more straightforward – simply enter same email address you used during pruchase procedure (at into “Email” field. If you’re not sure which email you used, please prepare your public bittrex API key and contact support.

Your setting dialog will look like this:

III. What email will I put into “Email” field ? I purchased jtrBot via buy webpage, but I don’t remeber which email I have used.

No problem, please prepare your public bittrex key and contact support.



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