Frequently Asked Questions

I. Purchasing

  1. Where can I purchase jtrBot Application? 
    • Visit 
    • Please note that this is the only purchase option. Do send your money to anyone in order to purchase jtrBot.
  2. What is the purchase process?
    1. Visit, fill out all required fields. If you don’t have Bittrex account yet, create one. If you don’t have Bittrex Public API Key, learn more about API Key creation.
    2. Click CHECKOUT button.
    3. Make a payment based on QR code that appears on checout page.
    4. You should receive first email notification (out of two) in your email inbox.
    5. After payment is processed (usually in 15 minutes, but may take up to 1 hour) you will receive second email confirmation. At this moment, your licence key is activated and purchase process is completed.
    6. Download and install jtrBot (download link is in second email).
    7. Once you start jtrBot, go to settings and enter your public and private keys.
  3. Is there any trial period?
    • Yes. You can purchase the TRIAL version for discounted price. Our support team will help you setup your jtrBot Application and help you earn your first BTC’s with pump and dump groups. The procedure is the same as buying monthly license.
  4. What are limitations of trial version?
    • Only the period during which jtrBot will be usable. Everything else is exactly same as in full version.
  5. Does jtrBot really work?
  6. What is your refund policy?
    • Globally, there is no refund available. However, in special cases, authors might investigate all available information and try to find and an agreement.

II. Using jtrBot

  1. Can I use JTR Bot Application 24/7?
    • No. Hit START TRADING button in application 15 seconds before pump announcement. The bot will place BUY and SELL orders automatically. After all orders are placed (buy filled and sell open), hit the STOP button. List of pump and dump groups can be found here.
  2. Does jtrBot have a 100% chance of prepump detection? 
    • Cryptoworld is an unpredictable place, therefore there is nothing like 100% assurance. The jtrBot has an excellent success rate, as you can see in our Youtube Channel.
  3. What is ideal starting capital?
    • Whatever you consider appropriate. Please note that there is limit called “Dust Level”, the minimal trade size, that is 0.0005 BTC. Transaction under this amount will not be placed.
  4. How many BTC can I use for trading?
    • You can use unlimited amount of BTC. However, high values may result in your orders not being met, and/or potential losses. We recommend not to put more than 0.5 BTC.
  5. Do I receive application updates?
    • Yes. By purchasing jtrBot, you will get every application update. Updates are seamless: jtrBot is looking up for updates automatically right after application start. After the update is completed, restart the application. All app updates will be promoted at our telegram news channel.
  6. What is “CANCEL AND SELL” button for?
    • In order to prevent you from losses, this button helps you to quickly cancel all opened orders and instantly sell all coins, that were purchased by application. In case orders are not cancelled, or an error message appears, you can hit “CANCEL AND SELL” button repeatedly.
  7. What if there are multiple pumps at one time?
    • jtrBot application is permanently analyzing all markets (coins) that you select, therefore all pumps will be detected. In order to participate on multiple pumps at one time, it is important not to enter your entire Bittrex Wallet balance to jtrBot application. This is because the same buy amount that is entered will be used fot all detected pumps. If your Bittrex is not high enough, you can miss these pumps.
  8. My order wasn’t placed.
    • There are several reasons. The most common reasons for not placing an order are:
      1. Amount entered is too big: Please note that final order price is calculated as: “Final Price = Ask Price x Amount“. Order is not placed, when your Bittrex Wallet has lower balance than final order price. Example: If my Bittrex Wallet balance is 1BTC and I place 1 BTC amount with 1.20 ask price, up to 1.2 BTC will be required to place this order.
      2. Amount entered is too low: Make sure that final order price is higher than “dust level”,0.0005 BTC.
      3. Internet connection: jtrBot application may be blocked by your firewall settings and/or virus protection software. Please see “How do I test my connectivity?” section below.
      4. Incorrect settings: Although setting up jtrBot is easy, there is always a chance, that something is not set up properly. Please see jtrBot Application manual, where advised setting values are mentioned. Our support team is advising settings also at telegram support channel.
  9. How do I test my connectivity?
    • To test your connectivity, you can place instant buy order like this:
      • Set ask price to 0.8 (-20%), and amount to 0.002. Leave Sell settings as is.
      • In market section enter “ETH” to the coin name field.
      • Press enter or hit “START TRADING” button.
      • Look up placed BUY orders via Bittrex web page. If you see placed BUY order with ETH coin, everything is working perfectly.
      • Now you can hit “CANCEL AND SELL ALL” button to cancel your order.
  10. What is Pump Detect Parameter?
    • It is an integer number, representing pump detection sensitivity. The parameter is relative to the pump group size. Higher the group is, higher parameter can be set. If you set parameter too low, application will misinterpret market growth as a pump. On the other hand, if you set parameter too high, you can enter pump too late or miss the pump entirely. By using jtrBot, you will acquire this skill quickly.
    • To set up pump detection, you can follow these rules:
      • 12 – for small pump groups, with up to 4000 people participating on pump.
      • 15 – for medium pump groups, with up to 10,000 people participating.
      • 20 –  for larger pump groups, with 10,000+ members.
    • Ideal pump detection sensitivity varies on the following circumstances:
      1. Different number of people is participating on each pump.
      2. Your trading strategy. If you want to play safe, enter higher number. To risk a little bit, and enter the pump as soon as possible, with chance to detect market growth instead pump, you enter smaller values.
    • Our support team is advising all JTR Bot recommended settings also at telegram support channel.
  11. What is Split sell?
    • jtrBot places BUY and SELL orders. After managing to BUY some coins, bot will try to SELL them with profit. To minimize risk, you can set multiple profit levels. Each level has its share and profit. Share means percentage of your purchase, where “1” represents 100%. Gain means your profit percentage. For more information, please see Sell settings section, in jtrBot Application manual.
  12. Which markets do you choose?
    • When using automatic pump detection, you can select all markets with Base Volume between 0 and 80. These are the Coins where pumps are taking place.
  13. How much can I earn with the jtrBot?
    • Everything depends on you. We managed to earn up to 0.05 BTC per day, with 0.2 BTC capital.
  14. I lost my API Keys.
  15. App is not working.
    • Please see if you are running your jtrBot on  an environment that fulfills system requirements. Please note that we drop support for Windows versions older than Windows 10.

I couldn’t find my answer, how can I get support?

Feel free to contact us at our telegram support channel. Our support team operates on Central European Time zone.

Stay in touch with us by following our telegram news channel. App updates will be promoted here.

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