How to create Bittrex API key

In order to use JTR Bot, you will need Bittrex API key. This article will guide you to create one.

If you don’t have an Bittrex account yet, please see How to create Bittrex account article first.

Step 1: Log in to your bittrex account by entering your email address and password and clicking “LOGIN” button.

Step 2: Open settings tab, located in toolbar on the top of the page.

Step 3: Select “Two-Factor Authentication” tab on the left-hand side. You will see QR code that we will scan in a moment.

Step 4: Install “Google Authenticator” application (from Google Play Store for your Android device, or App store for your iOS device).

Step 5: Once you have “Google Authenticator” application installed, open it and scan QR code. After scanning the QR code, 6-digit code will appear. Write it to bittrex page nex to QR code and press “Enable 2FA” button.

Step 6: Open your email inbox and look up for email from Bittrex. You should receive one in a moment. Also open Spam folder, if you dont see one.


Step 7: Open email and click on the “Verify” link.

Step 8: Insert 6 digit code from “Google Authenticator” and click “Enable Two-Factor Authentication” button.

Step 9: Success! Two-factor authentication is now enabled. Procceed by clicking “Home”.

Step 10: Return to “Two-Factor Authentication” section in Bittrex settings. We should see green “ENABLED” label.

Step 11: Open “API keys” tab on left-hand side.

Step 12: Press “Add New Key” button.

Step 13: Turn on “READ INFO”, “TRADE LIMIT” and “TRADE MARKET” permissions. “WITHDRAW” permission is not necessary for JTR Bot, so we don’t need to turn it on.

Step 14: Insert 6 digit code from “Google Authenticator” and click “Update keys” button.

Step 15: Key and Secret keys are displayed. Copy them somewhere safe and remember: Never give anyone your secret key!


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