Application Manual

Application graphic user interface consists of following sections:

  1. Application menu
  2. Trading settings
  3. Start and stop trading
  4. Trading status
  5. Orders

1. Application menu

Via application menu, additional application settings can be accessed:

  • Notification access token: This is an optional setting. You can leave this field empty. For more information, please read How to get an notification access token article.
  • Public API key: Your public Bittrex API key goes here. To learn how to get one, please read How to create Bittrex API key article. Public API key is referred as “Key” in Bittrex settings page.
  • Private API key: Your private Bittrex API key goes here. To lean how to get one, please read How to create Bittrex API key article. Private API key is referred as “Secret” in Bittrex settings page. Please remember: Do not share your private API key to anyone.
  • Licence key: Your licence key goes here. You obtain your licence key when purchasing an app.

To apply settings, click SAVE button.

2. Trading settings

In this section, you can control all trading parameters.

2.1. Notification status

To achieve real-time market monitoring, application is using web-socket technology. Notification section is showing informational connectivity status between application and Bittrex notification server.

2.2. List of strategies

JTR Bot application allows its usage in different trading strategies. To select strategy you want to use, click one of strategies shown in this section.

2.3. Buy Settings

Based on strategy selected, buy settings section may contain different inputs.

2.3.1 Instant Buy Settings

Instant buy strategy means, that after user selects one or more markets, application will buy specified amount of BTC, based on following settings:

  • Ask price: specifies maximum unit price of coin we want to buy. Value 1.10 means price 10% higher than current market price. To place buy order that will be fulfilled immediately, set this parameter to value in range from 1.10 to 1.20.
  • Amount: Amount of BTC we want to spend to buy the altcoin.

2.3.2 Pump Buy Settings

Pump buy is designed to detect pumps automatically. Pump detection is even working on one or more markets at the same time.

First of all, we need to set following parameters:

  • Ask price: specifies maximum unit price of coin we want to buy. Value 1.10 means price 10% higher than current market price. To place buy order that will be fulfilled immediately, set this parameter to value in range from 1.10 to 1.20.
  • Amount: Amount of BTC we want to spend to buy the altcoin.
  • Pump Detect Parameter: This is an number, that may be described simply as pump sensitivity. If  you set the value too low, for example to 1, bot may be too sensitive and detect non-existing pumps. On the other hand, if you set value too high, you may catch pump too late, or miss whole pump at all. For smaller groups with 3000 members, value 12 is a recommended choice. For bigger groups, 15. For largest groups, value larger than 20 is still a good choice. 
  • Pump Detect Interval: This is another pump detection setting – a time window, in which measurement of pump size is being evaluated. Pump size correlates with pump detect parameter. So basically, setting smaller time window and higher parameter means, that you expect huge market change in a given time. On the other hand, setting smaller parameter can catch false markets aka markets, that are not being pumped. To reach best results, set this parameter to value 3.

Both pump detect parameter and pump detect interval are very tricky to explain. Full explanation will require to know a lot of boring details, and our goal is to keep them under the hood.

2.4. Sell Settings

Based on strategy selected, sell settings section may contain different inputs.

2.4.1 Split Sell Settings

Split sell means, that we can specify multiple sell levels. Each sell level is represented by two values:

  • Share: This is percentage of amount we want to sell at specified gain (profit). Number must be lower or equal than 1, and higher than zero.
  • Gain: This is the profit we want to achieve. Please be aware that if you set your profit too high, your order may never be fulfilled. Value 1.2 means that application will sell specified share (percentage) of your coins, if market price raises over 20%.

Example: Lets imagine, we bought 0.001 BTC, and we have specified two sell levels: first, 0.4 share with gain 1.2; and second – 0.6 share with gain 1.3. Application will perform following steps: if market price raises more than 20% since we bought our coins, application will sell 40% of amount (0.0004 BTC). If market will raise more and reaches 30% profit, application will sell 60% of amount (0.0006 BTC). 

Please make sure that sum of all share values is equal to one (1 means 100%). If you specify only one sell setting, its share should be equal to 1.

To delete sell level, press trash-bin icon on the right.

2.5. Market Settings

To quickly choose one market and start trading, ideal way is to enter coin name to search box and hit enter.

Example: if you want to trade on ETH-BTC market, type “eth” and hit enter. The “-BTC” part is not required, even case of letter does not matter (eth equals to ETH).

2.5.2 Multiple markets selection

If you want to choose one or more markets, you can press “book” icon shown next to market search box.

An dialog window will appear, showing list of all active markets available on Bittrex. You can use filters to make it easier to choose only markets that meets your requirements. Press “cancel filter” button on the right side of filter section, to reset all filters to default values.

Tip: Always choose markets with lower Base Volume (from 0 to 80), during automatic pump detection. Pumps never occurs on markets with base volume that is too big.

To select all displayed markets, press SELECT ALL button. To clear your selection, press CLEAR SELECTION button. Use ctrl key and left mouse button to hand-pick markets.

If you are satisfied with your selection, press green confirmation button on the bottom of dialog window.

3. Start and stop trading

After pressing START TRADING button, application will immediately starts monitoring market(s) and placing buy or sell orders, based on your settings.

If START TRADING button is grayed out and cannot be clicked, please make sure that:

  • You have entered all required settings in application settings window
  • You have entered all strategy settings correctly.
  • You have selected at least one market.
  • Your licence is not expired.

After trading is started, pressing STOP button will immediately stop trading and placing any orders.

4. Trading status

Trading status is visible at the top-right corner of an application.

  • Deactivated means, that application is in stand-by mode and no orders will be placed.
  • Started means, that application is monitoring selected markets and placing orders.

5. Orders

This is real-time overview of application trading activity. All orders placed by application are shown here. Orders section is divided to two columns: opened and closed orders.

Partially filled order is visible in opened orders section, with progress bar visible on top edge of order block.

After order is fulfilled completely, it is moved from left to right column.

Each order contains several informations, such as:

  • Type of order (Buy or Sell)
  • Total price of order, in BTC.
  • Price per one currency unit, in BTC.
  • Name of market

For easier identification, buy orders are marked with green color, sell order are marked with red color.

If anything goes wrong, you can always hit CANCEL AND SELL ALL button. After clicking the button, application will cancel all opened orders and sell all closed buy orders.


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